Earlier this month, the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) issued a new Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQ”) document regarding service animals.  The FAQ contains 37 questions and answers designed to further clarifying the rights and responsibilities of people with disabilities who rely on service animals.  The new FAQ is intended to be read in conjunction the DOJ’s previous 2011 technical assistance on Revised ADA Requirements: Service Animals.  The new FAQ addresses in detail information such as:

  • the definition of a service animal, including the distinction between psychiatric service animals and emotional support animals;
  • requirements for service animal training, while making it clear that the ADA does not require any specific certification, documentation or identification for a service animal to qualify for protection under the law;
  • behavioral issues and the very limited circumstances in which service animals may be exclude; and
  • Issue particular to service animal access in certain types of facilities. 

A copy of the new FAQ, as well the 2011 Guidance Document, can be found in the Legal References – Guidance Documents- Federal Section of this website.   

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