Yesterday, the Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”) issued a Dear Colleague Letter (“DCL”) and Resource Guide pertaining to students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (“ADHD”).  According to OCR, The intent of the DCL and Resource Guide is to clarify and provide guidance on school districts’ obligations under Section 504 and the ADA as it relates to students with ADHD.  In the DCL, OCR notes states that over the last five fiscal years (2011-2015), its office has received more than 16,000 complaints alleging discrimination on the basis of disability in elementary and secondary education programs.  Approximately, 2000 of those complaints involved allegations against students with ADHD.  In investigating those complaints, OCR has identified a number of compliance issues and hopes that, with guidance contained in the Resource Guide, school districts will take the necessary steps to avoid those compliance issues.

 A copy of the DCL and Resource Document can be found in the Legal References – Guidance Documents – Federal section of this website.

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